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April 2nd, 2014

@DavidShares Quick, somebody call @elonmusk!

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@tuurdemeester Do you believe that we’re going to enter another bull phase before Bitcoin investment vehicles hit the retail markets?

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@RyanScudellari Nope. This did not occur on Twitter. And by “system” I mean the Internet in general.

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Stupefying that I resort to ferrying pieces of paper between financial institutions to avoid fees on more efficient electronic transactions.

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Verifying myself: I am “lopp” on @onenameio

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We need to be changing our behavior, but in the opposite direction. Encrypt ALL the things - it’s time to fight back in the War on Privacy.

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Many adults changed their online behavior b/c of NSA surveillance. Sounds like a mass retreat from the Internet.

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@matthew_d_green He just has to leave his tooth and public address under the pillow.

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Does your state still have the consent of the governed? Based upon Congressional approval ratings, I’m not so sure that the USA still does.

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Founders of the US believed states must be built upon consent of the governed; states otherwise conceived lack legitimacy & legal authority.

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One quote that struck me during @LibertyFestNC: “Communism & Socialism are fine so long as everyone in the system participates voluntarily.”

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jeffreyatucker Politicians rarely change systems. They are not leaders. They are usually lagging indicators. They will not give us better systems.

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@CoinChomp Looks like it’s time to make my 2014 Bitcoin IRA contribution.

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It’s not completely clear yet if @a16z intends to found/fund a “Red Hat of Bitcoin” but if they do, I want in.

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@gavinandresen @jgarzik @petertoddbtc What IDE (if any) do you use to develop Bitcoin Core? Eclipse CDT in Ubuntu is a nightmare to set up.

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It amazes me to see people using a system that allows us to effortlessly converse with millions of people loudly proclaim that they’re bored

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How can anyone who has the entire sum of human knowledge at their fingertips possibly be bored?

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EdFelten Secure protocols for accountable warrant execution. New blog post and paper.

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