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April 28th, 2014

@el33th4xor @matthew_d_green People are pleading unnecessarily. There is no evidence that we are near the minimum threshold of req’d nodes.

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CoinChomp [Repost] Peeking Under the Hood of a Running Bitcoin Node (by @lopp)

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@mikestable Good reason not to hold a flare while annoying police.

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@knucklesandwich @ddahlke I just got an Aeropress last weekend. Very nice.

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The nodes comprising the network are not a resource that is being depleted. It is trivial and cheap to add more nodes.

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I find this claim to be flawed b/c Tragedy of the Commons refers to a group depleting a shared, finite resource.

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I keep seeing claims that Bitcoin is doomed due to lack of direct incentivization to run a node. People are claiming Tragedy of the Commons.

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