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April 23rd, 2014

Safecoin is an intriguing concept, but I’m unconvinced it’s a practical solution. IDK why anyone would invest except as a MSC arbitrage.

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@cryptotraveler Liberals need love too, brah

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@jgarzik Decentralize Bitcoin mining to the moon!

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@DanielKrawisz @jgarzik @anjiecast @JustusRanvier Many of us who are not Core devs disseminate critical info / discussions to other venues.

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@DanielKrawisz @jgarzik @anjiecast @JustusRanvier There are plenty of software engineers (such as myself) who are on the dev mailing list.

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@MichaelCasp Nah, that’s excessive use of force. I prefer to slash them to ribbons with my rapier wit.

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@NTmoney Oh my… you weren’t keeping backups?

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