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April 8th, 2014

@phsilberzahn @RoderickTLong @BHLBlog Why not the average blended face of everyone, since crypto belongs to us all?…

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I cover cryptocurrency’s complexities causing controversy in my @CoinChomp post “The Multifaceted Nature of Bitcoin.”…

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Govt keeps trying to classify cryptocurrency using legacy asset classes. This is shortsighted & not a solution. @PerianneDC @SteveWorks4You

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cryptotraveler @lopp @barrysilbert @SecondMarket I thought this was incredible insight,;…

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Does this mean that @barrysilbert is guaranteeing profits for anyone who invests in @SecondMarket’s BIT?

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Bankers and govts are welcome to write any regulations applicable within their own systems, but Bitcoin will not be “subject” to their whims

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It’s adorable to see banksters discussing how they may change Bitcoin to suit their needs. They think they can write the rules in this game.

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