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April 4th, 2014

@pig_poetry Less resource scarcity == less conflict. Capitalism >> higher economic efficiency >> high standard of living >> less war.

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@pig_poetry Argument Pinker makes against anarchy / using force in self defense against a burglar who has invaded your house is ridiculous.

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The moral argument for a stateless society is the elimination of institutionalized violence and abuse, not that it will result in a utopia.

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@cryptotraveler I bet @gigq can answer these questions for you…

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TopLibertarian “Introducing the ACLU’s NSA Documents Database”

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tuurdemeester Argentina’s official CPI inflation is now 3.42% …per month. That’s 50% annualized.

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If your Reddit Enhancement Suite expandos are not working and upgrading doesn’t fix the problem, here’s the solution:

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@knucklesandwich @mysizelindsey1 This is a strong case for speeding up our adoption of self driving cars.

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