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April 7th, 2014

@cryptotraveler They can plan whatever changes they like. They will have their FedGov fork and the Bitcoin community will go on without them

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@cryptotraveler This is not serious, it’s laughable.

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@cryptotraveler Didn’t Dogecoiners raise $50k just for a single NASCAR race?

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@anjiecast He is welcome to try to convince the community to enact such changes, but I predict that he will fail.

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AnonyOdinn and zerocash explained, briefly and succinctly, by @lopp in @CoinChomp:…

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The craft beer brewing scene has hit critical mass in the Raleigh/Durham area. Five breweries opening this summer alone. I’m in heaven!

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@BTCFoundation I think no one should lead the Foundation. I think everyone should lead the foundation.

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@Coinometrics I’m working on a network monitoring project that may be of interest to you. I outlined it here:…

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However, we completely overlooked an underbanked segment of the first world: adolescents. I’m seeing more teens joining the crypto community

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We’ve been saying for years that cryptocurrency is a more important development to the underbanked (third world) than to first world nerds.

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