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May 12th, 2014

@danlowe I’m looking at stats_counts for my node’s bandwidth counter which is called every time data is sent or recv…

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@danlowe Sure, but this is all on the same machine so packet loss seems unlikely.

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If I’m reading this right, StatsD can handle 20M events per sec on 1 core CPU w/o breaking a sweat. Also, time to decrease my sampling rate.

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@mikestable Solution is obvious: ban governments.

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secparam The new zerocash protocol is faster & hides how much you transact, not just where it came from. We are presenting it at IEEES&P next Tuesday

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You know what’s cooler than ? ! Stay tuned… @Bronto /cc @Kegbot

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Phase 2 of the Statoshi Project is now live at - learn more about it at…

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@luke9971 @cryptotraveler Sounds like it /could/ work, I’d just like to see more of the implementation details. Might be code audit time.

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@luke9971 @cryptotraveler IDK, I only see Proof of Stake, not an actual Proof of Service model. I see no proof that nodes operate honestly.

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@MadBitcoins @jessevanek Sure, but all those leading zeroes make you sad when you check your account balance.

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@port8333 Ah OK, so the crawling process doesn’t exclude nodes that already have connections open?

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@emilyspaven @anjiecast @coindesk Glad you noted there are ~500 members; even better to note that this is less than 1% of Bitcoin users.

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It appears that @port8333 connects & disconnects to my nodes every ~two minutes while crawling network. Why not just keep connection open?

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TriangleBitcoin For tomorrow’s meetup @AmerUnderground: Tom from @risedurham will discuss accepting bitcoin. Plus donuts! 5:30. RSVP:

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