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June 15th, 2016

@killerstorm I mean an economic effect because the value in unconfirmed txns is essentially frozen - it’s not safe to spend unconfirmeds.

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3) These txns paid 20 sat / byte, well below where the current “floor” appears to be. Is someone abusing @YourBTCC’s BlockPriority service?

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1) Something funky happening on the blockchain? Lots of clusters just in a 10 min period.

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@BTCoinInformer Looks like we’re coming up on 24 hours for some of the oldest ones.

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@josephjpeters So… no effects? Will we never reach a critical threshold because users will simply stop sending transactions?

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1.68% of all BTC value is unconfirmed - about 10% of daily txn volume. At what point does this have a ripple effect?

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“Bitcoin fees are like a 7c toll bridge, but half the drivers are throwing a quarter as they drive past.”

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