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June 8th, 2018

@prestonattebery @muneeb Indeed, makes me wonder what perhaps Dunbar’s number is an oversimplification. Put another…

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@muneeb You need to unfollow 88 accounts 🧐

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@CoinJournal @bencxr @BitGo Ben, have you considered changing your last name to Chain?

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RT @kilrau: We did it! 🙌 #2 Atomic Swap on Lightning between BTC & LTC!

Kudos to @bitconner from @lightning pioneering this. Who is #3? @S…

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@TimboTheTweeter Bitcoin developers have no power to decide on behalf of users; they can not force users to run the code that they write.

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@7heAbolitionist Hard to say; it may be easier to “capture” control of BCH given that they defer to miners and larg…

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@acsguy Mining only allows you to compete with other miners who are following the same set of rules. If you decide…

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Lots of folks are excited about the prospects of institutional investors driving the next wave of Bitcoin adoption.…

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