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December 4th, 2018

@askpascalandy Nah, I’m running the processes directly on my bare metal beast. We do use docker for running…4L

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Full validation sync of zcashd 2.0.1 took my machine 6 hours 11 minutes with dbcache=24000. Zcash was CPU bound…kX

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@AriDavidPaul @arjunblj @lawmaster Are you saying that Bitcoin is fundamentally insecure if its hashrate drops to…05

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PeterMcCormack WBD053 with Michael Cordner, @yeastplume, a developer working on Grin’s implementation of Mimblewimble is…Qe

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@z000ao8q That’s an easy estimate: zero. Running a fully validating node requires no hashpower.

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@Xor231 Did you set the coin cache to be several GB? If not, it runs fine with the defaults. The problems I hit…Jw

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@Xor231 Yeah this is why I didn’t run the test originally, but then several folks requested it after I posted my…r2

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I ran a comparison sync of Bitcoin Knots 0.16.3 to height 547100 and it took 327 minutes. I bet Knots 0.17 would…qN

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