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January 15th, 2019

@CryptoChef_ @Catheryne_N @TennesseeJed3 Anyone may speculate by converting one asset into another asset. Convertin…

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On the bright side, all the Ethereum node operators who didn’t update their node for the Constantinople hard fork n…

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@bitstein @pierre_rochard Twitter is all fun and games until you get sacked in meatspace.

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@weissjeffm Nah, supposedly a ton of industrial miners are having a go at it. Probably not worth the effort.

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RT @BitfuryGroup: Exciting news: Our @Lightning_Peach team has made it possible to exchange cryptocurrency via the #LightningNetwork on @BT…

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@weissjeffm I think it will take a while due to the manually set super high difficulty. Something like 10,000X testnet difficulty.

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@TennesseeJed3 Because there are no sketchy incentives skewed towards the creators, it’s actually innovating, and i…

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@udiWertheimer Yeah, first build didn’t have any peers and I was twiddling my thumbs until I saw the new commit.

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@oscpacey It’s a delayed start to make the launch more fair - giving people time to build and deploy their nodes.

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