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January 22nd, 2019

“Fake Stake” is the new “Nothing at Stake” -when you use resources internal to the system to secure itself, you cre…

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Detractors will claim watchtowers introduce trusted third parties into the Lightning Network. While you /could/ bli…

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@alipasha Yes you can, as long as your node stays online.

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@alipasha You only need to subscribe to 1 working watchtower in order to be protected from counterparty channel fra…

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@tomerfederman Channel counterparty fraud risk, where the entity on the other side of your channel tries to close i…

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RT @JamesClear: Real wealth is not about money.

Real wealth is:
-not having to go to meetings
-not having to spend time with jerks
-not be…

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Lightning watchtowers will decrease fraud risk for users - looks like they’re right around the corner now.

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