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December 15th, 2019

@Ruminorang I think one of the big red flags that marks something as a scam is if it understates the risks. In my…vY

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If you’re looking for nuance, you’re in the wrong place. Twitter is designed to restrict nuance in order to…0t

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@_jonasschnelli_ Technological advances lower the cost for people to meet their basic needs, which is why the…Mg

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You’re thrilled to help your users get scammed? 🚩Red flag!🚩…

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When the cashier inspects your federal reserve note to check if it’s “real money.”

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IDK dude, with all toxicity, tribalism, trolling, cajoling, and whinging, I’m thinking of taking a break. See you…aN

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The majority of people believe that the world is becoming a worse place in which to live. The majority of people…0S

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@ownyourutopia Right, then you can cross check the date and time with a price index.

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Another fun side effect of the IRS treating bitcoin as property - if you want to take a deduction for donating $5,…sj

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