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December 26th, 2019

@iam_preethi I sure hope Twitter is considered work, otherwise I haven’t been working nights and weekends and I…eJ

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Phase 1: migrate your critical data & operations to computers you control.
Phase 2: migrate your critical data &…it

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Bitcoin market cap dominance (a highly manipulable metric of questionable value) rose nearly 20% throughout 2019,…pY

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Bitcoin’s exchange rate volatility stayed relatively low throughout 2019, hovering around 4% for trailing 30 and…G0

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@twobitidiot Congratulations on triggering Twitter because neither “work” nor “success” is well defined. You won…Mf

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The @BitMEXdotcom insurance fund grew 62% in 2019 and now holds 0.18% of all BTC.…

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