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December 17th, 2019

@thecryptomonk Allow me to quote myself from my blog post:

“[Crypto Deleted Tweets] does a good job of calling out…

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By my count The Kraken has consumed at least half a dozen Bitcoin businesses. @jespow has truly built a monster!

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@WaGunResponsib You can’t legislate the genie back into the bottle.

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@PsychedelicBart @pierre_rochard Hold up, did Coinbase replace their noncustodial multisig vault with a custodial vault? 🤦‍♂️

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@DanDarkPill That’s the Number Go Up button. Clearly you haven’t been pushing it enough.

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@sniko_ @pascaltmn It took a fair amount of research but this is what I came up with:

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@BarnabyBitcoin The tough thing is that there are more than a few known exchange hacks where the company never disc…

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An interesting point I noticed while researching reported bitcoin thefts: while the number of hacked crypto exchang…

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In the first few years of Bitcoin’s operation, security practices were not that great. If you know of any bitcoin t…

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The ironic part being that BCH and BSV only get an A in auditability because they have failed to achieve their obje…

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@stephendpalley @twobitidiot I predict that everyone involved in the case will lose.

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RT @coindesk: JUST IN: @Coinfloor, the U.K.’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange, plans to delist ether ($ETH) and bitcoin cash ($BCH)…

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