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August 8th, 2020

@pierre_rochard He’s got a point - it’s not fair to judge a project attempting to be a world computer through the lens of hard money.

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@miner0TB @pierre_rochard @PaddysPubKey Hint, read the linked blog post for my benchmark machine specs before attempting snark.

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@APompliano @pierre_rochard Can’t run outta money when you can just create more money.

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@PaddysPubKey @pierre_rochard Due to its complexity, Ethereum requires more operations to verify transactions. This…

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@PaddysPubKey @pierre_rochard This is a fun exercise I go through every year.

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RT @btc: Today marks the third anniversary of the day #SegWit reached lock-in threshold on the #Bitcoin network.

Today also marks the laun…

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@polaman3 That’s similar to a 2 of 2 multisig - quite fragile in that if you lose either, it’s game over.

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@tr1cky_ Our 2 of 3 multisig supports either 1 or 2 keys being hardware devices.

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Then: “Most users don’t need a hardware wallet, a paper wallet will suffice.”

Now: “Most users don’t need a multis…

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If a landlord gets foreclosed on for not paying their mortgage due to tenants not paying their rent, can the new la…

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