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August 11th, 2020

@pierre_rochard Do we have to wait for you to sync a fully validating ethereum node? I’m gonna have to put you on a monthlong mute.

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Why do so many “highly trained” cops violate basic firearm safety rules?

#4: Be sure of your target and what lies…

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@murchandamus It’s on the record. You can’t argue with the record.

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There’s Bitcoin and then there’s shitcoin.

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RT @CasaHODL: What is multisig, and why does it significantly increase your #Bitcoin security?

A fun and educational thread 💇

1/ https://…

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Inflation begets inflation.

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@pierre_rochard The integer length in ethereum can actually cause other problems due to not being a standard suppor…

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@coinmetrics @CelermajerB OK FINE, I’ll bite: WTF are the latest BSV shenanigans?

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@Catsaregr823 I’m a chunk buyer, mainly because there were no easy DCA options until more recently.

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Q: What’s your bitcoin trading strategy?
A: Collect as much as possible before the rest of the world catches on.


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Tech companies adopting Bitcoin as a reserve currency is a precursor to small nations following suit. Better grab t…

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RT @nic__carter: This is totally bananas. Shout out @MattWalshInBos for breaking this news initially!

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