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August 13th, 2020

@elonmusk can change the supply of gold.”
@elonmusk can’t change the supply of bitcoin.”…

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@TsarNichII @BaldBitcoin This is a complicated question to answer but the 2017 UASF is the strongest historical…t8

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Those who control the money of a nation care not who makes its laws.

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@Bob_Sackamano @Ripple @Ledger @JoelKatz First scam site I’ve seen with working hardware wallet integration.

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Just came across an incredibly sophisticated @Ripple imposter scam site at “ripple dot com dot so” that even has…1V

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brucefenton This short video works to explain , tokens, staking, farming & how it all works in as clear a manner as…rv

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btc Multiple news outlets have recently drawn comparisons between the ERC20 token Wrapped and…1w

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Cool heads remind us of historical lessons learned and provide strong signal to noise ratio.

Kudos to folks…jL

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No one can stop DeFi clusterfucks like YAM from happening; this is the result of truly free markets.

But if you…VN

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As of today the US Marshals has missed out on nearly $2 Billion in gains by selling seized bitcoin.…

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“Move fast and break things” can work well for scrappy startups, but it’s not the appropriate ethos for a financial system.

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