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August 28th, 2020

@Bit_Fink I always keep a few % in traditional assets. 😏

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franfinney I am very, very happy about the @BitcoinMagazine fundraiser in honor of to help find a cure for ALS!…xt

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@CGDMedici D’oh, I knew I’d forget some. It’s certainly not bitcoin.

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A few things that are not bitcoin:
all exchange IOUs
Robinhood BTC
Revolut BTC

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In order to successfully self custody, you’d better eliminate single points of failure with extreme prejudice.…

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@oscpacey Yeah, if the users are paying the on-chain fees why bother?

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It’s incredibly irresponsible to invest 100% of your money in one asset class, as this creates a single point of…17

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@TimerOlde Yeah, it’s tricky because many users probably don’t even know that they’re paying higher fees than necessary.

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You should be highly skeptical of the engineering skills and business priorities of Bitcoin wallets / exchanges /…mn

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