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April 6th, 2021

`bitcoin-cli getblockhash
$((678059+20)) | cut -b64 | grep -q ‘[02468ace]’ && echo MTP || echo

I support…bS

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It’s called a bull market.

I’d expect this statement to hold true for any crypto company with a halfway decent…RV

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Imagine being one of the oldest and largest companies in the Bitcoin industry and only owning 5% as much BTC as @MicroStrategy

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@ricardoplopes @AnitaPosch @Ghost It looks like they are sent by the ghost server I’m running.

Received: from…ev

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Coinbase reports having 56 million users and holding custody of over 11% of all crypto assets by value.…

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@tmsbtc @DenizMSaat @coinbeastmedia @CasaHODL You’re not entirely wrong; the company that is now named Casa was…Qc

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@AnitaPosch @Ghost I am self hosting; it has been very stable for the year or two that I’ve been running it.

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I updated my blog to @Ghost 4.0 and now there’s a subscription feature if you’d like to be notified of new posts…ZB

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You have the right to be an asshole.
This right is best exercised sparingly.
Beware when authorities try to take this right away.

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@DrSpacemn @laurashin @mcuban @dallasmavs I spent several years building infrastructure on Ethereum and other networks.

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@laurashin @mcuban @dallasmavs So the guy who doesn’t see baseball cards or art as an investment is now bullish…Hk

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Some of the biggest OG Bitcoin whales have fewer than 1,000 Twitter followers.

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The wealthiest people in the world do not disclose their holdings to the folks who publish wealth rankings.

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