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April 8th, 2021

Estimated risk for severe COVID illness broken down by age and BMI

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@chemensa Same; mine flew 35 missions over Germany with the 379th Bomb Group

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The parting words of my Krav Maga instructor each time he bid the class farewell. It has stuck w…

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@ClodsMark Hi Mark, fellow UNC alum here. Was wondering if I could email you a few questions regarding some researc…

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@NITermite I have read it; very insightful book!

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If there happens to be an expert in WWII B-17 bomber operation / tactics who sees this, I have a few quick question…

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@HodorPorter That’s how you stop a shooter from racking up enough kills to qualify as a mass shooter.

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RT @CasaHODL: People often worry about dust attacks breaking their #bitcoin privacy. We dug into the details, and it turns out the concern…

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@ricardoplopes @AnitaPosch @Ghost OK I looked a bit deeper and the one-off emails are sent by the local server but…

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twobitidiot Everything that’s wrong with America’s inept regulatory state in one sentence:

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@twobitidiot I think the key word is “draft” - I suspect the system would work better if politicians were randomly…

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You are not safe.
You will NEVER be safe.
You are a speck on a rock hurtling through an inhospitable universe.

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@woodaaCT You’re confusing Darwinism with Justice

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Q: How do you stop mass shootings?

A: Return fire.

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