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April 7th, 2021

@heunland I bet the vast majority of Americans don’t even have passports.

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Receptionist: “ID and insurance, please”
Me: <hands passport since it has no address>
Receptionist: “Do you have…n1

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Constitutional Carry > Shall Issue > May Issue
Free men don’t ask
Utah goes CC on May 5
Tennessee goes CC on July 1

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Delaware is forcing citizens to dox themselves in the newspaper if they wish to exercise their second amendment…wb

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BitcoinMagazine Bitcoiners Should Stand Up For My Brother, Julian Assange.

“Julian participated in discussions and debate that…lw

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I’m pleased to report that a team with several @CasaHODL engineers won the @MITBitcoinClub Hackathon with their…Zn

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MFW you position yourself as a privacy app but you won’t even run on @GrapheneOS 🙄😒

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