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November 9th, 2022

balajis They’re still freezing.
Still seizing.
Still unbanking.
Still deplatforming.
So, we still need Bitcoin.

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lopp bitcoin vs “the next bitcoin”

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Might need a new narrative if “not your keys, not your coins” doesn’t hit hard enough.

How about: “not your keys,…QS

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lopp When you map historic bitcoin exchange rate data to sound frequencies it’s actually quite beautiful.

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After working on self-custody products for 6 years, it’s pretty demotivating to see folks continue to get rekt in…Av

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@DanDarkPill Wasn’t that the exchange operator who fled after exit scamming from Mintsomething.

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@BitcoinIsSaving While proof of reserves is not proof of solvency, I’m not aware of any custodians that publish…F3

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CasaHODL “You may have heard the phrase “be your own bank” which does a good job describing the power that bitcoin enables…P6

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Proof of Reserves is not a panacea.
You’re still trusting the auditor’s attestation.
You’re still hoping reserves…4B

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There seems to be an inverse correlation between the frequency at which someone says “this is not financial advice”…t0

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Being a pioneer isn’t all fun and games. Frontiersmen tend to have poor survival rates. You have to survive before you can thrive!

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