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November 22nd, 2022

@LPrimordium @hodlonaut Memorization is unacceptable for long term storage. But you should avoid other single point…

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@lightcoin I imagine you’d have to run the referenced heuristics and cross reference with bitnodes data.

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@ShellenbergerMD As long as a tool facilitates crime, it’s far worse than the worst fraud!

Turn in your tools…eh

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lopp bitcoin vs “the next bitcoin”

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LND continues to maintain ~90% dominance across lightning network node implementations.

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@hodlonaut The safety harness is self custody, of course.

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a veteran bitcoin hodler in its natural habitat

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@TheStalwart Ah yes, the ol’ “bitcoin is only useful for speculation” narrative.

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@DanDarkPill I only do it when the AI engine improves.

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Today innumerable merchants accept bitcoin in return for goods and services. Many tools are available for…bQ

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lopp Imagine warning fellow passengers that the ship is on a collision course with an iceberg but being told you’re a…vO

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