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November 26th, 2022

Bitcoin did not appear out of thin air overnight. A rich history of efforts (and failures) by cypherpunks helped…YR

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zachxbt 1/ Let’s review all the direct scams Bitboy has worked with in the past. Just in case you forgot here is the…9s

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lopp Builders can stay engaged with writing code longer than traders can remain entertained by drawing shapes on price charts.

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lopp Q: Why did Satoshi choose an upper limit of 21,000,000 BTC?
A: The limiting factor is the max value of a 64 bit…1X

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This time next year, are you going to be sharing a year’s worth of excuses or showcasing a year’s worth of progress? The choice is yours!

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Are you seeking a fitting Christmas gift for that special someone who’s really into crypto? Consider this!…Np

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The FUDsters and the moon boys are just different sides of the same grift: they spread misinformation in order to…ih

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@KodyRayz Yes. Ledger Live does have an experimental feature to connect to your own node, though I haven’t tried it out.

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@theomoplatapus_ False. I could NOT care less, because it’s not fundamentally changing.

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@KodyRayz The Ledger hardware only manages keys. You’d want to set up a different wallet such as Specter that…V5

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Why should you run a full node? How can you maximize the value of doing so?…

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The code changes from the Bitcoin Core 24.0 release have been merged downstream into my Statoshi fork.

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@matthew_d_green To prevent financial fuckery one must disempower folks from manipulating markets via IOUs.…

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It’s best to treat crypto exchanges like public restrooms.

Your goal is to get in and out without lingering.

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@BitcoinErrorLog @TomZarebczan To be clear, I couldn’t care less. Relay policies make for extremely weak game theor…

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lopp Learning to code is overrated. If you want to be able to engineer scalable, maintainable complex systems then you…5S

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