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November 29th, 2022

@TomZarebczan @novogratz @elonmusk And yet Android does not prohibit competing app stores, nor even the installatio…

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@wrongval @novogratz @elonmusk @GrapheneOS Graphene is Android, just a superior flavor. FOSS FTW!

IIRC Pixel…vO

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@novogratz @elonmusk There’s this thing called Android. Some of us have been trying to tell folks about why open…JK

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@flyosity @midjourney I recall from my computer graphics class 20 years ago that raytracing + multiple reflective…1r

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“We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more in imagination than in reality.” –

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lopp Anyone can generate a bitcoin private key.
No one can generate your bitcoin private key.

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@KlausLovgreen It looks like they keep changing the date; they pushed it back to January but forgot to update the y…

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@dario0n Well to be clear, even with 1:1 holding you can hit operational issues with needing to refill hot…sg

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@ebbie_roy Roger’s busy getting sued by Jack for his latest shitcoin scheme.…

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@OdessaDadmo Bitcoin software is constantly changing. The RULES of the Bitcoin protocol very rarely change. This is…

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@OdessaDadmo I’m not quite clear what you’re asking. Software is never finished. If you don’t continually improve a…

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A man in Dubai was the victim of a home invasion robbery and had ~$50,000 taken after attempting to broker a…nk

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@romsat21 Umbrella supports running electrs, right?

Easiest option is probably using Electrum wallet with your led…

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Running a full node is how you attain the strongest security model available to Bitcoin users and also…Ng

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lopp My Bitcoin exit strategy is death.

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