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November 23rd, 2022

The amount of MSM shenanigans in recent weeks

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@brucefenton add “—v 4” to use the latest model if you haven’t tried that already

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@boshen1011 Oh no. Bo, please seek help with your wallet security. Feel free to give us a call at @CasaHODL so…no

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No one could have predicted this!

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Never forget the stories of the corrupt government agents behind the Silk Road takedown. Today they walk free…Yd

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Self custody protects you from ponzi schemes.

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@nic__carter In my experience most folks who demand to debate do so from a position of weakness .

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lopp It’s odd that we still have to explain why Bitcoin isn’t a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes guarantee profits to early…5Q

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@ShellenbergerMD You expect people to pay you for the privilege of explaining why your perspective is flawed?…Hd

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lopp It’s not that Bitcoiners want the world to burn.
It’s that they looked at history and chose to learn.
Those in…yZ

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