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December 4th, 2013

@rjurney AKA “how to turn little data into big data”

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@knucklesandwich @NCDOT_Triangle Lucky for you we’re next to a bar!

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@flyosity Quick, somebody warn @colopy to be careful where he sticks his plug!

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@ErikVoorhees @Austan_Goolsbee Hopefully 80% of these “experts” can some day agree that they were wrong. But I’m betting they won’t.

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@LetsTalkBitcoin ROFLMAO! Good luck, @bitcoinranger, you dirty scammer, you!

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@pig_poetry The problem is that a ton of newcomers don’t understand that BTC is divisible to 8 decimal places. They see the price & run away

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Now that mBTC has seemed to stabilize above dollar parity, community-wide efforts are being made to shift the standard unit to mBTC.

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@drewpotential In the sense that copycats won’t likely reap nearly the reward, yep.

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“Hi Mom, send BTC” college student has donated half of his donations (11 BTC) to @SeansOutpost to feed the homeless.…

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@matthew_d_green @mikko @0xdabbad00 Can’t believe that you’re betting dollars when you could be betting cryptocurrency.

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DonaldGlover itunes stream of ‘because the internet’:…

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@bootiemashup Are you going to release a Christmas album this year?

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blockchain Recently we have been adding nearly 1,000 new users per hour!… Get your FREE Bitcoin wallet at

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