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December 20th, 2013

Bloomberg TV airs private key for a Bitcoin address; good guy Bitcoiner “steals” it to secure it for original owner.…

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First Instagram starts auto-playing videos, now Facebook is doing it. Fuck this shit; if I’m interested then I’ll make the choice to click.

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Silk Road 2 is dead. Long live Silk Road.…

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@flyosity I’ve found that talking about cool stuff on Facebook garners almost no discussion whatsoever on FB. Talking about myself does.

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@MailChimp Yep, it would be nice though if you allowed editing on phones in a text-only manner. Obviously serious design on a phone is silly

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Iron butt, brass balls, heart of stone, mind like a steel trap.

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@jefft I’m not worried. Even if I’m dirt poor, I’d never get married again without a pre-nup.

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You’re SOL if you need to create a @MailChimp campaign on a mobile device. Neither their web app nor Android app allows you to.

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Met a wise man who told me that if you don’t get remarried within 5 years of a divorce, you likely won’t for decades. I’m inclined to agree.

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jim_adler Time To Rethink Democracy In A Digital Age

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