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December 23rd, 2013

How to Minimize Investment Returns, by @WarrenBuffett…

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@ameir Tomato, potato, brah.

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@ameir Yo dawg, is Wikipedia wrong or did you really name your kid a letter of the alphabet?

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@UkAlpha This is a joke, right? Even if LTC mining difficulty doesn’t go up at all, it won’t be profitable for months

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@matthew_d_green I’m glad he was pardoned, but reading the wording of the pardon sickens me.

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Mom really underestimates the power of garbage disposals; she won’t even put egg shells down hers.

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@graulund I figured it out; was completely my fault. Had somehow upgraded all the files except the maintenance scripts; was using old API.

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@graulund Oh don’t you worry, we can work through this. Check it again; I’ve added debug output. Does that help? If you want more, just ask.

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@graulund Upgrade to latest Tweetnest, set up Oauth, but loadtweets says I have no tweets! Any ideas?…

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R.I.P. Mikhail Kalashnikov…

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@averyj So I looked into Dogecoin and FYI, you shouldn’t buy /any/ ASICs for mining it. Dogecoin is Scrypt-based, Bitcoin ASICs won’t work.

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