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December 11th, 2013

@barrysilbert Correction: Fidelity allows extremely wealthy clients to put bitcoins in IRAs.

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@flyosity “if [Bitcoin] reaches 100k, I will fly to where you live and give you an apology blowjob.”…

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@MarcHochstein @jgarzik And the “c” is NEVER capitalized. Get it right or pay the price!

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I hope we can agree that it’s no longer crazy to tape a piece of paper over your computer’s built-in camera.

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@flyosity Yeah, teacher was basically saying “you’re just a kid, you should be ignorant about such matters. Leave that to the adults.”

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@mikestable There has been a severe shortage of finewithmes around here lately.

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@flyosity Yeah, to be expected. Just another result of willful ignorance.

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@ggreenwald @emilepetrone It has nothing to do with cowardice and everything to do with money. The Pope on the cover will sell more issues.

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@kurtybot @maxkeiser Because he pulls numbers out of his ass based upon whatever best suits his current holdings.

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Claiming Bitcoin will never be widely used b/c it’s hard to understand? Internet will never be widely used b/c TCP/IP is hard to understand.

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Good thing I didn’t ride the motorcycle to work today. Sheets of ice on the roundabouts in my neighborhood!

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