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January 6th, 2016

The latest episode of @TheSimpsons, “The Girl Code,” is full of Silicon Valley win.…

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@taariqlewis @shibuyashadows @kristovatlas Payment request from merchant should indicate RBF not accepted; wallet should autoselect.

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@shibuyashadows @taariqlewis Depends upon the value of the transaction versus the inconvenience caused by waiting.

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@taariqlewis Divide over RBF appears to be adversarial perspective versus real-world experience that most txns aren’t made by adversaries.

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“Dangerously low levels of inflation” 😂
Dangerous for whom?…

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mattblaze One problem with Chaum’s backdoor proposal is that it’s not actually a proposal; few details, unclear even what the application is.

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You lost me at the controversial carefully controlled backdoor council.…

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In my experience, most people don’t care enough about security to expend resources on it until it’s too late.…

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“There are only as many nodes on the Bitcoin network as there is demand to perform independent trustless validation of transactions.” @spair

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@kristovatlas Seems fine; I know my nodes currently have months-old txs in their mempools. 300MB = 2 days of backlog though, not 3 days…

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As of the 0.12 release, Bitcoin Core nodes will have a default limit of 300MB for the mempool & transactions will be evicted after 72 hours.

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balajis Bitcoin is backed by an international network rather than a nation state.
Millions of people are behind it - just not in the same place.

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@ryanxcharles “What happens when there are no more coins to mine / lots of coins are lost?”

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