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January 26th, 2016

At a minimum price of $100 / month, running a Bitcore node on @Microsoft @Azure will be limited to businesses.

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@Xentagz Worst case scenario is possibly that recipients will receive bitcoin deposits in their wallets that never confirm.

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@Xentagz Bitcoin itself will be fine; it depends on what the transactions are doing. Doesn’t look like these will get into blocks.

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@orweinberger That would require some heavier-duty blockchain analysis since the “cost” will only be for the txs that actually get confirmed

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@orweinberger Attacker seems to be running out of steam

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Confirmed malicious network activity: see the 3rd chart for rejected transactions.

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@Net_Management It’s too expensive to get into for-profit mining these days; check out my educational resources at

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@ryanxcharles Ha, on a related note it looks like that @Beautyon_ account blocked me for some reason.

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@pig_poetry shhhh, let’s just distill the complexities of life into 3 word answers

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You find a bug in an open source library you’re using. Do you…

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@matthew_d_green When one side argues “doing X centralizes system in terms of Y” & other argues “not X will centralize Z,” everyone loses.

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