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July 14th, 2016

@bgcarlisle Thanks; that was quite different from the average “blockchain expertise” that I’m usually asked to provide :-)

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An academic paper about using blockchains to catch scientific misconduct may have been plagiarized.

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RT @BitGo: Not sure the banks are safe these days.

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RT @ryanxcharles: Why We’re Sticking With Bitcoin

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secparam Our new paper: Blind Offchain Lightweight Transactions (BOLT). Or how to do instant anonymous payments w/

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Software bug results in @Citi considering 26,810 legitimate transactions over 15 years to be fake test transactions.

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Academic papers citing Bitcoin:
2010: 5
2011: 12
2012: 56
2013: 106
2014: 332
2015: 407
2016: 196 (run rate of 370)

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Bankrupt @kncminer is still hashing post-halving, presumably because they’ve already paid for electricity / hosting.

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@alansilbert I just realized last night I got a call from them. My phone had blocked the marketing firm as spammers :-P

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