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April 4th, 2017

@WahWhoWah Still pretty accurate, though check out my latest project:

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TriangleBitcoin We’re live with @zooko, learning about @zcashco and on-chain cryptographic privacy!

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@lightcoin Though I’m not entirely clear how it would work with extension blocks; presumably a new address type is required.

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@lightcoin The recipient is the one who generates an address for encumbering an output, thus they “choose” how the…

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@lightcoin Though to be fair, you’re only trusting miners WRT to the new tx types. So if you don’t use them, you aren’t trusting miners.

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@dgenr818 @rogerkver Are you saying there’s no urgency to deploy scalability solutions for Bitcoin? We should striv…

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@jgarzik @rogerkver Seems to me there will /always/ be something better on the horizon. If we scrap a year of effor…

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@jgarzik @rogerkver And of course, there’s no requirement for all applications to add support in order for other ap…

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@jgarzik @rogerkver SegWit rollout phases had to go from: Proposal => Reference Implementation => Library support =…

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@richcollins @iang_fc Backwards compatible protocol upgrades are necessarily more complex in terms of code in order…

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@rogerkver OTOH, if we’re asking “can we throw away SegWit and spend another year building a new approach” then sur…

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@rogerkver Sunk Costs Fallacy requires that more resources must be expended to complete an ongoing project, but SegWit is already completed.

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@iang_fc Right; one shouldn’t add complexity for the sake of adding complexity. It should be a trade-off in return for beneficial gains.

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TriangleBitcoin Excited to host @zooko at 7PM EST tonight to learn more about @zcashco! Livestream will be available here:

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@britesense Yep, there are plenty of other issues also in play. 😬

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@fersecchi It’s a more substantial change because now you’d have to keep track of 2 separate UTXO sets. Likely creates compatibility issues.

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@mikevanrossum Exactly; I’ve seen far too many people treat is as a binary factor.

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However, “we shouldn’t add feature X because it adds complexity” is a non-argument. Every feature adds complexity.

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Given complexity of Extension Blocks, I’d expect at least as long for ecosystem to implement as SegWit: a year, give or take.

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As such, an appropriate alternative name for Extension Blocks might be “Segregated Unspent Transaction Output Set” 😬

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Segregated Witness moves txn signatures outside of legacy block space. Extension Blocks move entire txn outside of legacy block space.

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