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April 12th, 2017

@GaravagliaJuan @kyletorpey RBF. Relative locktime. OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY. Compact Blocks. SegWit. Pruning. CPFP.…

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@ARKblockchain @reddit Plus it’s not possible for a posse of angry keyboard warriors to suppress the spread of your ideas via downvotes.

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@neha @TMobile d’oh; @projectfi FTW - they require a PIN lock for every account. I cringed when I watched my GF tra…

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@dotglum Nah, though I don’t think lists would be a great idea; you should use your own criteria for deciding who is wasting your time.

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@MrChrisEllis Preparing for a hard fork tweet size increase???

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Trolls are time thieves. They try to make you waste precious cycles engaging them. Best counter is mute button: waste their time, not yours.

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Common mistake in Bitcoin: believing your needs are the same as the rest of the ecosystem.

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@robustus I hear Lightning Network transactions will be 4X faster on Litecoin! 🤣

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@fluffyponyza Is Monero still at a stage like Bitcoin used to be where the minimum / recommended fee rates get adju…

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@fluffyponyza I just think it would be neat to have a visualization of fee rates so that they could be compared aga…

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@Excellion @Blockstream Blink twice if you’re actually under duress by the shadow NWO AXA Bilderberg Free Mason Illuminati.

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@jrbhudon Right, there are a ton of other things going on in Bitcoin that affect the price. Litecoin doesn’t have m…

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@jrbhudon Looks like both BTC and LTC price remain flat while SegWit signals under 30%; it may require > 50% to achieve optimism.

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@CryptoGambleh Sure, but “pump” or not, litecoin miners are currently getting paid over 300% of what they were getting paid a few weeks ago.

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Litecoin price (red) vs SegWit signaling (blue.) Correlation != causation, but miners should consider that this may…

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There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch in Bitcoin. Unless, of course, your real name happens to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

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@jimmysong Congrats on being gainfully employed again, @Excellion!

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@brianchoffman It’s not even noon! Did you pull an all-nighter?

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@eordano How so? Miners are paid by the economy - if miners aren’t getting paid, that seems like a good incentive t…

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.@fluffyponyza I couldn’t find many fee rate estimates / fee stats for Monero; is there a better site than

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Some Monero users also want lower fees; looks like average XMR txn fee comes to ~$0.45 now.

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@eordano It’s possible for meatspace consensus to diverge sufficiently such that machine consensus forks.

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@halovast However, SegWit is not a malicious soft fork; it doesn’t hurt anyone who isn’t using it. There could be m…

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@halovast Different issue, but if miners activate an unwanted soft fork then yes, the “counter” to that is a hard fork by node operators.

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@halovast Nope, it gives them the opportunity to signal that they are ready to enforce the rules; users can bypass…

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If a sufficient faction of Bitcoin users want miners to have the final say when it comes to consensus rules, they can create such a system.

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“Bitcoin Core has a stranglehold monopoly over protocol development!”
“Bitcoin Core doesn’t have the leadership skills to activate SegWit!”

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@paulvigna @WSJ Heh, I “use” bitcoin every day to secure my financial sovereignty. I talk about it 24/7 but rarely transact with it.

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