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April 23rd, 2017

@AlpacaSW Indeed, but in my opinion it’s far too sweet.

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@AlpacaSW Oh, you can get alcoholic ginger beer… I’m drinking it right now!

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If ginger is commonly used as anti-nausea medicine then you can drink an unlimited amount of ginger beer without getting sick.

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@Kosmatos You don’t have to use the wallet functionality in the node in order to back wallets with your full node.

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Common misconception: Bitcoin nodes aren’t paid/incentivized.
It’s other way around: you run a node b/c you want to verify you get paid BTC.

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@orionwl @hrdng Hm, can you take a look at this thread?

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@bigstonebtc It can’t (currently) accept incoming connections / relay much data. This should be improved eventually.

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@MrHodl If you point an SPV client at your pruned node, I’m pretty sure it won’t work.

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@hrdng But they don’t accept incoming connections, right? Drastically reduces relaying.

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If you run a pruned Bitcoin node and don’t use it as a wallet, you’re just wasting resources. Pruned nodes don’t support network health.

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@Satoshi_N_ Bitcoin doesn’t care about words written down by agents of nation states.

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@tricameral @twobitidiot You can add users to your @BitGo wallet with permission levels of admin / spender / viewer…

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You can lead a Bitcoin user to smarter fee estimates, but you can’t make them adopt.

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@twobitidiot Maybe we should develop a Big Red Button mobile app 🤔

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