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September 5th, 2017

brian_armstrong I just published “Rest”…

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@0xBitman @Yubico @CaseWallet The 2FA hardware is the base security; adding another layer of security on top is just gravy.

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@lightcoin Then the security model degrades back to what we have currently, which is that anyone who physically…nq

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Wanted: @Yubico 2FA hardware with built-in fingerprint scanner. If @CaseWallet could do it for < $200 I’m sure Yubico can do even better.

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Crypto assets have had index funds since inception: root assets. BTC is an index fund for all projects using it as a platform. Same for ETH.

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Make cold storage great again by adding a real chunk of the Moon. Thanks, @KialaraCoin!

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@hudsonjameson My view is yes, because nodes can now process larger blocks (available via SegWit) at lower computational cost.

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