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September 19th, 2017

Q: Who controls Bitcoin?
A: Anyone who cares enough to enforce the rules to which they agree.

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@matshenricson Such has always been the case. Little point worrying about what others think; paradigm shifts are sc…

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RT @jimmysong: I just published “Bitcoin and Virtue Part 1: Prudence”

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@matshenricson The opportunity to increase your BTC holdings by extracting value from those who support forks with which you disagree.

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@matshenricson Yes, but you can’t stop people from doing reckless things in a permissionless system. You can expres…

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If you think forks are an attack on Bitcoin then embrace the opportunity. Forks can’t be stopped; the grand experiment must continue.

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Traveling by air == routing your body through a network with unacceptably high latency, packet loss, & poorly configured firewalls.

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@NicolasDorier I’m staying at University of Tokyo; want to meet up the night of the 20th or 21st?

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