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September 10th, 2017

bendavenport In blocks 484398 and 484399, @BitGo did txs of 1.2MB in size, freeing up about 600KB for other txs and creating 2 1.3MB blocks

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todayininfosec 1994: Code for the RC4 stream cipher, previously a trade secret, was anonymously posted to the Cypherpunks…0C

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@realAlexFortin Use Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme; that’s what my commands reference. Then you decide who has “…sx

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My Bitcoin exit strategy is death.
$ sudo apt install ssss
$ echo “Last Will & Testament Key” | ssss-split -t <executors / 2> -n <executors>

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Cypherpunks defend their philosophy by writing and running code. They defend the code by discussing the philosophy that spawned it.

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Blockchains governed by enterprises are no more secure than financial networks governed by nation states. Corporations are easily regulated.

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Some want Bitcoin to be a juggernaut.
Others want it to be a cockroach.
Which would you prefer when financial armageddon comes calling?

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Authoritarians are welcome to create Bitcoin variants & ask folks to join them. The rest of us will decline; some more politely than others.

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@loganallenc Oops; thanks for the heads up. Just fixed it.

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If you accidentally send BCH to a BTC SegWit address, you’re gonna have an even worse time than if you sent BCH to a non-SegWit BTC address.

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dangermouse117 Wow, loving @lopp’s resources for those starting out on the journey. A treasure trove of education.

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@kernelmastery @ToneVays @jimmysong @AriDavidPaul @cryptodemedici The answer to these types of questions is usually “to the pain.”

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