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September 17th, 2017

@tedmrogers @jgarzik @giacomozucco @xapo What if there are two chains that flip flop back and forth? Better think through the edge cases…

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Some folks get upset when they feel that others aren’t playing fair, but it’s all in The Game.

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lopp If you look around the blockchain space and can’t tell who’s getting scammed, it’s probably you.

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Trying to buy bitcoin hardware with a credit card… how appropriate. “Transaction denied by the banking network.”

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@sevcsik I’m not claiming the logic is sound, though perhaps you could make a case for unit bias mattering.

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@kerbleski It just means that some blocks are produced by unidentified entities; they could all be at one unidentified pool.

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@kerbleski Any given pool probably runs a handful of nodes; it’s not really possible to tell without pretty extensive network analysis.

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Bitcoin was designed to withstand both external and internal attacks. Resisting the whims of seemingly powerful entities shows its strength.

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@Jim_Harper @joshmh @ErikVoorhees @Ragnarly @ShapeShift_io @bitcoincoreorg Hmmmm what about timelocked transactions? Or multisig hodlings? 🤔

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Bitcoin implementation nodes in perspective, via

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