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September 24th, 2017

Actions speak louder than words; where are the SegWit2X futures markets? ð@BitMEXdotcomc@bitfinexn@CryptoFLtdL@OKCoino@coinpitpit

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@KarateMc4w350m3 It’s so low it’s a rounding error. The cost of the CPU cycles on my RPi node would be well under $0.01

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End result: hashpower is only powerful within context of competing against other valid-block-producing hashpower.

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@paul_btc @zooko @AriDavidPaul You seem to be referring to one specific type of on-chain governance?

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@zooko @paul_btc @AriDavidPaul It’s tricky b/c governance does imply creation & enforcement of rules. So if you can…

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@paul_btc @AriDavidPaul @zooko Right, that’s why I think “governance” may be the wrong term. If participants are al…

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The cost of creating a valid Bitcoin block is arbitrarily high & based upon network consensus. The cost of rejecting an invalid block is 0.

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@MKjrstad @seweso I work for BitGo and this was on one of our VPSes. Yes, it has SSDs with 8,000 IOPs provisioned.

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