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September 22nd, 2017

@inthepixels @ParityTech Sure, the data directory is a config option.

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If you try to sync a new @ParityTech 1.7.2 archive node with less than 500GB of disk space, you’re gonna have a bad time when it crashes.

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Censoring myself super hard when customer support tickets come in complaining that it’s taking over an hour to get…

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RT @SatoshiLite: So disappointed to see Raiden (i.e. Lightning on Ethereum) go for a cash grab. A token is not needed. 🤒

5+ LN teams on Bi…

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@mhsutton It would need to be a technology that actually requires a crypto token/asset in order to provide unique functionality.

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@EdwardKerstein Doesn’t seem to be an immediate threat. Over a long enough time frame, all crypto systems tend to need upgrading.

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