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November 3rd, 2019

CaaS is the future of trust outsourcing!

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Full validation sync of Libbitcoin Node 3.6.0 to block 601,300 took my machine 27 hours, 37 minutes with a 100,000 UTXO cache.

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@sudogene @stephendpalley No, but I’m pretty sure that perjury is a jailable offense.

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@_drgo I was able to generate 21,170,000 keys per second with oclvanitygen on an AMD Radeon 6XXX card in 2014. 5 ye…

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@_drgo Yeah I seem to recall spending several weeks generating a 1Jameson…. address back in 2014.

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@_drgo Yeah I lucked out on the “fe” at the end. Only took a couple minutes. 9 letters would take a few days, 10 a…

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Generated on a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti at 2,300,000,000 keys per second. Tur…

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