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May 6th, 2020

Another day talking to bitcoiners and I’m screaming in my head.

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@NeerajKA You gotta go directly to the source: restaurant suppliers!…

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@DLTPandu Indeed; triangles make everything stronger. It’s simple physics.

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Probably the clearest representation I’ve seen of bitcoin exchange rate cycles relative to halving events.…Lo

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@matshenricson @CasaHODL It’s not a loss because you’re getting lots of value in exchange!

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CasaHODL Q: I spread my BTC across several wallets / services, am I safe?
A: This type of diversification reduces the risk…17

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Folks who are stuck in 2015 and proclaim “the lightning whitepaper says 133MB blocks are required!” have a lot of…Ze

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@matthew_d_green Garbage in, garbage out. Immutable garbagechain!

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@AriDavidPaul IIRC one of Craig’s claimed degrees was a Master’s in Law; surely he knows what he’s doing!

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@AriDavidPaul This has been the plan for quite some time, he just had to keep forking until he had a sufficiently…vc

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Finance folks love talking about the miracle of compound interest. Few talk about the malignancy of compound inflation.

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Bitcoin is mooning, it just hasn’t reached your country yet.

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