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May 8th, 2020

@InPHARMaticist Possibly; looks like I said it several times in 2014.

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btcArtGallery Money printer go BRRR into by
@coinsiglieri updated

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When you map historic bitcoin exchange rate data to sound frequencies it’s actually quite beautiful.

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@btcArtGallery @phneep @coinsiglieri Not bad, but I’m envisioning an orange Kirby…

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RT @CasaHODL: “Be your own bank” sets the bar too low. We can improve upon the status quo - we have the technology. Banks are a single poin…

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Is it weird that I read this as “@naval Supremacy”

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Q: What is bitcoin mining?
A: It’s like a lottery where you generate your own lottery tickets with electricity. The…

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Google searches for “bitcoin halving” have exceeded 300% of the volume seen before the 2016 halving event.…

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@kristjanmik Soooooooo you’re saying they’re reporting ~40%? 🙂

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The University of Cambridge has released a map showing geographic distribution of ~40% of bitcoin miner hashpower.…

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@specialenmity The principle of least privilege; there’s no point giving someone access to a system if they aren’t using it.

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lopp Asking “who controls Bitcoin?” is like asking “who controls English?”

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