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May 11th, 2020

The final Bitcoin block with a subsidy of 12.5 BTC was mined by @f2pool_official and contained the following messag…

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Welcome to the fourth era of bitcoin issuance!

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Livingstreaming the impending Bitcoin halving with @CharlieShrem @LukeDashjr & @satofishi

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@murchandamus Also not great timing to halve on a Monday of all days!

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@LarryRuane Because they screwed with their difficulty adjustment algorithm and now it’s getting gamed.

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@tqlemd Pretty unlikely because that would require the bitcoin hashrate to double every week for 2 years.

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@MASTERBTCLTC The first halving was about 40 days early.
The second halving was about 4.5 months early.
The third h…

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Bitcoin mining began Jan 8, 2009.
Halving eras are 210,000 blocks (~4 years)
So why is the 3rd halving not happenin…

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Time flies when you’re halving fun.

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@stbabo_ @CasaHODL I’ll check on currency support, it shouldn’t be hard to add.

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@stbabo_ @CasaHODL Firmware updates are less important in a distributed setup. That said, updates rarely wipe the p…

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