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May 15th, 2020

@jason_vtf It’s a fun exercise, but it requires a significant amount of arrogance or ignorance to believe thatā€¦LB

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Folks can endlessly bitsplain to you, but ultimately you have to take your own path to form your own understanding…ā€¦Yk

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@Coinicarus I can’t believe you think there’s any chance of JK Rowling using grin šŸ¤¦ā€ā™‚ļø c’mon man šŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™‚ļø

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@elonmusk @jk_rowling You’ll never catch up to @jack at this rate!

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The rumors are true: I lost my bitcoin in a tragic mining accident. We applied too much ASICBoost & hit a pocketā€¦ex

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Shoutout to muh toxic bitcoin supremacists who have no sense of humor šŸ˜˜

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You might be more interested in Grin; it was designed by Tom Elvis Jedusor, implemented by Ignotus Peverell, andā€¦HS

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@SlamBlambacid I really like the design of ION - it’s done in a way that will minimize its footprint on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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@bittosky @CedricMakes @CasaHODL Schnorr sigs will be great for privacy and for reducing on-chain tx fees.ā€¦kT

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@bittosky @CedricMakes @CasaHODL Native segwit addresses will become a priority when we start preparing forā€¦Ys

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No, you can’t pay to bail people out of jail with bitcoin - we’re not at hyperbitcoinization yet…ā€¦Nf

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How do we make Bitcoin usable by everyone? I had an amazing conversation with @CedricMakes about @CasaHODL’sā€¦1z

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It’s a cryptocurrency designed and launched from an ivory tower.ā€¦

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“Bitcoin isn’t an investment, it’s speculation!”

All investments are speculative in nature. With equities youā€¦fB

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