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May 18th, 2020

@jeetsidhu_ It’s also important to understand that you can be interested in projects without needing to invest your money in them. ;-)

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@adam3us @notgrubles @Adan3us @TwitterSupport Get yourself one of them blue checks and they’ll take down imposters in less than an hour

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Bitcoin Bitcoin has no “official account”. Bitcoin has no “official leader”. Bitcoin has no “official” anything. That’s the entire point.

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@jack @CashApp How does one achieve baller status and autobuy 1 bitcoin per week? I’m only seeing dollar denominations…

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@jimmysong Are you anti boneless wings?!?!?

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@lightcoin I dread the day brain interfaces are a reality as I fear we won’t have developed adequate firewall technology.

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RT @satsie_: @CasaHODL @lopp Seeds causing problems for users in more ways than one: “A British company has just started selling avocados w…

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RT @CasaHODL: ⚠️ Why is your seed phrase a single point of failure?

@lopp explains why properly securing a seed phrase backup is so diffic…

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@MrHodl @CoinDesk @zackvoell Pretty much; it was funny to see people assume I had invested in it given that it clea…

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@MrHodl @CoinDesk @zackvoell I am indeed! Had to update the node for the hard fork earlier this year.

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