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May 25th, 2020

@nic__carter Looks like blocks 30255 and 33270, which don’t appear to be flagged as Patoshi blocks on though.

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@HelloDavidBond This is Bitcoin’s way of telling you that the entire world doesn’t need to know that you gave your mom a dollar.

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@BitNomadic @brucefenton Then you’re not creating holders, you’re just using bitcoin as a payment rail. Which is pr…

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@dhimmel @Tr__Wi No, the second column is a signature that covers the message at the top, signed with the private k…

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@brucefenton Caveat: not if you’re spending it with a merchant who autodumps it for fiat.

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@BreakingFrancis The signed messages aren’t in the blockchain; you’d need to use a tool like Electrum / Bitcoin Cor…

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“Satoshi must be dead because they would have spent the coins.”
Yet today we are given evidence of a similar streng…

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@Tr__Wi That Craig Wright is a fraud. Nothing new, just adding more evidence to the pile.

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More 2009-era bitcoin miner “activity” as someone provides even more cryptographic proof that Craig Wright is a fra…

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